Will my pet be asleep during the journey?

We advise strongly against giving your pet any form of sedatives prior a flight. The main reason for concern is that the combination of high altitude and the sedatives effects can cause cardiac issues in your pet. There is also a risk of respiratory problems. The sedative also can have adverse effects on a dog/cat's natural equilibrium. This may cause the pet to be bounced around in its crate because the sedative affects their natural bracing tendencies. Most importantly is that there is no one in the cargo hold with your pet, meaning any side effects from the sedative will go unnoticed

If you feel your pet would benefit from some form of sedation, we would only recommend natural herbal remedies and nothing medicinal.

The best way to prepare your pet for the trip would be to get them crate trained early, you can make it comfortable by placing a blanket inside and or favourite toy and we also advise an item of your own worn clothing, so that they smell your scent during the journey.